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In 2017, I joined this studio (formerly Body Restoration). I was obese, afraid of exercise, and felt intimidated by large group work outs. I finally made the call and it was one that changed my life. Due to my weight and inactivity, I was beginning to develop health issues and needed to do something. This studio provided me with a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive environment to begin my fitness journey. Together with an improved diet and regular visits to this gym, I began to see results! Since the day I walked in that door, I have lost over 60 pounds and all of my heath issues are resolved! And, I still LOVE to take classes several times a week. Each class is different so I have never been “bored”.

As the new owner of Fit Forever, I want to continue to create an environment for others like me who feel intimidated by large group classes or big gyms. I have learned in this process that fitness means something different for everyone. It does not mean a size 2. I will never be a size 2, or 10 for that matter. It is all about how you feel and move. Each and every person who walks through the door of Fit Forever is at a different point in their journey to achieve their health goals. Each class is run as a small group personal training session. The trainers provide modifications and coaching for all exercises so each client can push themselves to their current ability.

The goal as we mature is to stay moving, to stay strong and to have a healthy idea of nutrition. Continuing to stay active helps prevent issues like osteoporosis and muscle weakness. It also helps us to retain flexibility, strength and balance. I hope to help others achieve their own personal desire and love for exercise and for being fit. I loved it when one of my clients proudly held up her arm and pointed to the muscle she developed (without flexing her bicep)! This is exactly WHY I chose to take ownership of Fit Forever. :-)

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