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Elena Anchor

My name is Elena and I’ve been a group fitness instructor for about 3.5 years. My fitness journey began in college, at James Madison University, where I dedicated my time to taking a 0 credit, semester-long preparation course based off of the American Council on Exercise group fitness program. After passing a test and an audition, I was trained to teach classes in barre, cardio dance, step, body sculpt, stand-up paddle board and core training. My passion for fitness and wellness grew during my college years and I had the opportunity to take on a management position, attend 3 fitness expos and mentor new instructors. As a recent graduate, I have been teaching Group Personal Training at Fit Forever and Barre at Crunch Fitness. Although teaching in these different settings is new for me, I am happy to be continuing on this path and sharing my knowledge with my participants. I am excited to see what the future holds for me, not only at Fit Forever, but as an instructor outside of school!

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