Monthly Unlimited Membership

This is a very different and uncertain time for all of us.  In this time of uncertainty, stress can creep in and have an impact on our mental and physical health.  We at Fit Forever care about the whole person and their overall well being.  Exercise is an important method to relieve stress and increase your energy level.  With COVID-19 still among us and the well-being of our members and trainers, we have moved classes to a virtual setting with Zoom!  We are still keeping the class size small to allow trainers to be able to ensure all participants are working out safely and with proper form. We are true to our philosophy of a safe and encouraging place to reach your fitness goals.  

Currently virtual classes are scheduled Monday through Saturday.  Attend as many classes a week as your schedule allows.

The Monthly Unlimited Membership will be for one month from the date of enrollment.  Fee is $130 per month. 


Class Pack Membership

Class packs allow you to enjoy the benefit of small group classes but on your schedule.  You can purchase a 5-pack or 10 pack of classes.  5 pack of classes is good for 2 months from date of purchase and the cost is $100.  The 10 pack expires in 5 months from date of purchase and the cost is $180.